About Us

About HogEye, Inc.

HogEye, Inc. specializes in outstanding jewelry-quality lapel pins, coins, key chains — you name it — that people are proud to own.

HogEye, Inc. opened its doors in 1983 providing ASI services for several large companies in Northwest Arkansas, producing branding promotions, awards and incentive products.

We take pride in being the nation’s leading supplier of quality tokens of appreciation and collectible items for tourism venues, festivals, national organizations and businesses.

At HogEye, Inc., we focus our efforts on combining exceptional art, superior-quality products, friendly service, competitive pricing, and your complete satisfaction… guaranteed!

We offer the lowest minimum quantity on orders (100 on custom, 25 on in-stock items.)

HogEye, Inc. has staked its success on three major beliefs:

  1.  Customer Service: when you call HogEye, Inc. you will never get an automated menu. You get a personable and friendly representative that will assist you with your needs or answer any question you may have about existing orders. We pride ourselves on your satisfaction from initial contact through the process of shipping your items.
  2. Quality Merchandise: great products start with great ideas and continue with quality artwork and the best in manufacturing processes. We at HogEye pay special attention to all aspects involved in the items we provide. We know that your colleagues and customers recognize quality, you expect quality, and our goal is to increase your experience by providing the best merchandise available.
  3. Competitive Pricing: we know profitability is a #1 concern. We realize that there are a number of factors that help you achieve success. The cost of goods, a quick turnaround when ordering, and smaller minimum on orders — all help in your satisfaction. These things are what we at HogEye, Inc. excel in. Your success means our success.

By working together and bringing these three beliefs to the table, we hope our collaboration will be the best ever!


If you have a question about our products or if you would like to order custom items click here to contact us.