Custom Coins

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Custom coins are one of HogEye’s most outstanding items. Unique in shape, design and process, HogEye’s coins are produced with your complete satisfaction in mind.

Our custom coins are great for any occasion. Whether you are commemorating an event, honoring a person, or just creating one for your business, our challenge coins are sure to shine. we offer a wide variety of options for making a coin that is yours.

Coin Edges

One of the more prominent features of a custom challenge coin is the edges. These are what border the art that is in the middle of the coin and can really make a coin stand out.

Coin Edges

Coin Cutouts

Custom coins come in all shapes and sizes. When we say all shapes, we mean it! We offer custom shape cutouts to make your coin a dream come true. We can do anything from dog tags to bottle openers to just a basic coin with cutouts.

Coin Finishings

As with other products we offer, coins have a variety of finishes that can be applied. From antiquing to epoxy dome, you have many finishing option available to make your coin what you want.

Looking for more info about our challenge coins or are looking at ordering? Contact us by calling 1 (800) 464-3936, email us at , or fill out the contact form on this page.

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