Custom Pins

Custom pins have many different features and finishes to make them unique. Here at HogEye, we offer a variety of pin styles to choose from to make your custom pin shine.

Let our art staff work with your ideas to create a collectible item that represents your shop and the experiences shared by your visitors.

Don’t know what style you want or confused about the different pin types? Just look below and we will show you the differences in pin styles and how they are finished.

Epola Pins

Epola lapel pins, or semi-Cloisonné lapel pins, brings jewelry-like quality at a lower price. The pin is die struck and filled with a color resin. The resin is PMS color coded and can be matched closely with specific colors. Epola pins retain the glossy look of Cloisonné pins, but without the cost.

Die Struck Pins

Die struck pins start as a sheet of metal in the color of your choice, which is then cut using a custom die that is created for your design. This leaves recessed areas in the metal that can be sandblasted, antiqued, or filled with color enamel to bring out the details. The finished pin can then be polished to bring a nice shine to the metal.

Die Cast Pins

Die cast pins are perfect if you are looking for raised detail in your pin. These pins are made to look like a 3D cutout of the art. Not only can you finish the pins with either a polished or antiqued look, you can add enamels to hi light features of the pin.

Photo Etched Pins

Looking for a pin with your company logo on it? Photo etched pins can do that. By printing directly on the pin, photo etched pins gives you more flexibility than die cast and die struck pins. These pins are finished with an epoxy coating to protect the art on the pin.

Photo Dome Pins

Are you looking for a custom pin, but you need it fast? Photo Dome pins are right for you! By transferring an image onto the pin directly, screen printed pins are produced fast and you can have photos printed onto them.

If you would like to know more about our custom lapel pins or if you would like to place an order, call us at 1 (800) 464-3936, email us at, or fill out the contact form on this page.

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