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HogEye Inc. specializes in outstanding jewelry-quality lapel pins, coins, key chains — you name it — that people are proud to own.

HogEye, Inc. opened its doors in 1983 providing ASI services for several large companies in Northwest Arkansas, producing branding promotions, awards and incentive products.

HogEye takes pride in being the nation’s leading supplier of quality tokens of appreciation and collectible items for tourism venues, festivals, national organizations and businesses.

HogEye Inc. focuses efforts on combining exceptional art, superior-quality products with friendly service, a competitive price, and your complete satisfaction... guaranteed!

We offer the lowest minimum quantity on orders (100 on custom, 25 on in-stock items.)

Association of Partners for Public Lands
Member of the Museum Store Association
Member of American Hiking Society

Member of the Arkansas Festival Association,
the Association of Partners for Public Lands
and Heritage in Perpetuity sponsor of Ducks Unlimited
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